jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011


And she fell asleep
with the soft touch of my hand,
and without doubt it, I took her essence
to see everything I wanted to see,
and to feel everything I wanted to feel.

And I came out, to see
The final minutes when the day dies
And the night start at birth.

The sun began to fall
And it was covered with clouds,
Trying to hide the glory of his light,
But at the same time was painting
The sky with red, agonizing red.

The sea was singing a sweet melody,
Whispering secrets in my ears,
The sun was falling slowly
Prolonging the beauty for my eyes,
Lighting my gaze with a glorius tale.

Bringing back memories to my mind
the immensity of the road calls to me.

The night had begun,
Without any shining star
And a moon dimmed by the clouds,
I was walking through the thickness of the dark,
And I started to feel a cold fear all over me.
Flickering lights were guiding my way,
to the place where my hopes died,
to the place where all begun.

And I finally arrived,
I fell down to repose my face in the sand,
And dream again with her,
The waters were singing again a sad history,
Every word was killing me,
I choose to feel pain and guilt,
So I tried everything trying to find
The way to bring her back for a last goodbye.

Another dream while I was resting in the sand.

My blood, her blood…
My flesh, her flesh…
She was my all not only a part of me,
Those waters took her away
to the eternal rest,
and her blood was the way
beyond eternity.
Suddenly I woke up,
Laying in nothingness,
Looking for her…nothing,
Just the sound of solace
And the infinity of space.

Time wasn´t running,
My tears fell to the abyss
As my anguish made me cry,
My only wish was to find her
And begin again, but no one
Answered to my hopelessness.

And I saw myself reflected in the dark
Speaking softly, I barely could understand,
DREAM, I said, DREAM, I heard,
In my bewilderment I choose to close my eyes,
But I was there, again,
Repeating a chaotic phrase,
 At every moment I said and heard
 that even I was a dream.

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