martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

A poem for the princess

I´ll take this Rose and 
I’ll kill her with the patient of a god,
Petal by petal,
Leaf by leaf,
Thorn by thorn,
And with all this I’ll build
My sanctuary.

I´ll put her blood in my cup,
And I’ll listen her begging,
Claiming for mercy,
But with every scream,
Every tear,
And every claim
I´ll build my sanctuary.

Her death,
Will be a perfect poem,
With precise verses 
Of a quietus and silenced
Passing, with the beauty
Of a white rose,
The glory of the red innocence.

Her death,
Will be a Magnum Opus.
And this love
Will be the melody of our song.

The muse of my sanctuary.

I´ll take this Rose and
I´ll put her heart in a whisperer,
And with a last kiss
My love I’ll say good bye,
Your soul may scream the secret,
Your sleepy eyes yell it,
But this Night will cover it.

Darkness is the scenery
Of your demise,
The stars are my witnesses
The wind my accomplice,
My princess, this is our bound,
You give me glory
I´ll give you immortality. 

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