domingo, 3 de abril de 2011


To You: Darling…

Your infinite gaze is just a piece of all your beauty!

Your eyes are the shape of an infinite space
Where I can see all things I’ve dreamt.
I have seen them on the edge of your pupil,
They´ve called me to fall into a terrible delusion.

A flame is hidden inside those pieces
Of brown sky, but I can’t guess, if that fire
Will burn me until death, or the desire of
Posses  will give another fool reason to live.

I can honestly tell, that for a very first time
The unknown makes me think that I won´t find
Pain or sorrow, only the light feeling that I could be happy.

Anyhow, a question among a thousand doubts
Surround my head, what if I enter through
Those clear windows made of truthful hopes?
What if I fall into the abyss of your thoughts?

I keep wondering, night after night, wishing to
Find a possibility to do it. Even when I know that
Those aspirations are hopeless. I am here,
Recalling the fantastic emotions of my past!

 A confession is necessary, taking advantage that
You are in the distance. I must say, in your presence
 Is easy to forget of what I was made, and those fears
Become just smoke without even believing it.
So, I can only think that maybe there´s a kind of love,
Very close to madness and conjugated with blindness.

Oh! I´ve turned my feelings into words again…
I suffer from this dreadful disease and there´s no
Cure but to continue with this delirious cycle…

Please, forgive my obsessive fascination, but
You have injected a frenzied idea to me…
Perhaps, so far, you are wondering who I am,
Don´t be afraid, I´m just an observer with a memory…
With the belief that maybe she´s still alive,
And if she truly is… it´s really possibly you are her

My Annabelle!

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